NutriHealthZone is an online health sector, which is actively working on integration and aggregation for optimum nutrition in a scientific way . We believe in wellness and preventive health care through dietary and behaviour modification. Our focus is to provide balanced and therapeutic diet by taking anthropometric measurement, clinical parameters and all essential medical records lead a better healthy life. We prescribe food as a medicine and our endeavor is to plan a customised diet according to medical conditions by taking a holistic approach.

About our Nutritionist/Dietician

This site is run under supervisory  of Miss Preeti Maurya (Dietician/Nutritionist). She is senior dietician Masters in “Clinical nutrition and dietetics“. She is trained under many specialised dietician from A.I.I.M.S Delhi India. She is very inquisitive about people’s health and has wide knowledge about diets and food nutrition. Her life is dedicated for the peoples who suffer from any diseases, she treat them with all her effort through diet or by psychological consult.

Our Services:-

We deal with these broad categories effecting all over the Planet :

  • Metabolic disorders
  • Obesity/ Diabetes/ Hyperthyroid/ Hypothyroid
  • Digestive disorders
  • Peptic Ulcer/ GERD/ IBS/ Crohn’sdisease/ Pancreatits / Diarrhoea/ Acidity/ Constipation
  • Circulatory Disorders
  • Hypertension/ Heart Failure/ Coronary Artery Disease/ Atherosclerosis/ Arteriosclerosis/ Stroke / Aortic Dissection/ Aneurysm
  • Other Medical complications
  • PCOD or PCOS/ AIDS/ Cancer (Cervical, Breast, Blood, Bone, Oral) Pre and Post Operative Pregnancy.
  • Weight management
  • Weight loss / Weight Gain / Maintenance
  • Body Care
  • Skin / Hair / Nails / Dental/ Bone etc…


Our USP : What Makes Us Different from Others :

  • Free consultation
  • Customised diet plan at economical rates
  • Saves Time, Money and Effort in travel.
  • Give pills of happiness.

Do not hesitate to Pop a question and thereby Take care of Health in a very wise manner! We are at your service! 🙂 Stay Healthy, Stay Happy – NutriHealthZone