Best 15 Food To Lose 1 kg in 1 week WITHOUT DIETING

Do you also want to lose weight without any extra effort?

Obviously Yes, that is why you are following my article to lose weight naturally by incorporating 15 superfoods by rejuvenating your skin.

Yeah, you heard right. It is seen after following the crash diet, skin gets saggy and face wrinkled, pale and lusterless. But now you are under my guidance; I have mentioned 15 adequate foods which if included can benefit you with other health incredible effects.

Everyone wants to look fit and healthy, but obesity declines this thought, but now you need not worry. Before going further, you can see the effects of obesity which are interlinked with other clinical complications from this infographic attached 🙂 

Cycle that will ruin our Health

Obesity Cycle

 Let us now stick to our main agenda of Losing 1 Kg weight every week!

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Here I am discussing 15 foods which I personally use in my daily routine and have seen a better impact on my clients too. So I am suggesting you to make it a part of your diet and boosts your body. These may be better considered as Natural Weight Shredding Habits!

Amazing  Benefits of 15 Super Foods to Shed 1KG a week:

  1. Jeera Water:

    Cumin Seed Water for health weightloss

    Healthy Weight Loss by Cumin Seeds Water

    Cumin seeds, commonly known as jeera in India which is a part of spice and condiment which aids in digestion. But very few of us know that if it is consumed empty stomach in the early morning regularly, then one can lose weight drastically.

  2. Coriander Juice:

    Coriander juice to lose weight easily!

    Lose 1kg a week with this Coriander Juice 🙂

    Coriander is used for garnishing and for making spicy chutney, but once you use this grinded coriander paste with water, its nutritive value gets enhanced as it keeps your body hydrated and relieves the symptoms of constipation. Coriander is rich in chlorophyll and hence helps in blood circulation and detoxifies your body by eliminating toxic materials from your body and regulates liver functions.

  3. Tomatoes:

    Lose weight with fresh tomatoes

    How Tomatoes Contribute to Reduce Your Weight

    This is a source of lycopene which inhibits prostate cancer in men. Tomatoes reduce water retention and it contains reverse leptin resistance. Do you know 100g of serving contains only 18 calories and a rich source of antioxidants which fight against free radicals and protects from cell damage. Due to the source of dietary fibre it aids  in weight loss and helps in bowel movement. 

    Here is one of my case study :

    One day a client visit to me she was a college going girl  Daisy

    Age:-  16 years  Weight :- 88 kg  Sex:-  Female  Height :- 5ft 6 inches

    She was in 12th class told me that she want to follow the diet but due to hectic schedule of school and  tuitions she can’t  make balance between these. And if  planned of outing  on Sunday it gets worse with the friends .  Pressure of board exam and one day to chill out so I burst my frustration on foods  , boys run away due to her heavy physical structure with gloomy eyes .

    I suggested her these 15 foods, and she is now on 65. If she can lose then why not you.   

    Let us proceed further the fourth superfood is

  4. Curd:

    Curd As Fat Cutter

    Curd As Fat Cutter

    Curd contains lactobacillus bacteria which acts as a probiotic and helps in weight loss and regeneration of helpful bacteria. It keeps gastrointestinal tract healthy and due to the source of calcium it inhibits the formation of cortisol which helps in weight gain. This keeps bone and teeth healthy.

  5. Green Tea:

    Green Tea to Reduce weight rapidly

    Green Tea can really Make You Green

    Green Tea is loaded with polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins acts as antioxidants which fight against free radicals and protects the body .  This also prevents Alzheimer’s disease , Diabetes and cardiovascular problems ( increases HDL levels and lowers LDL levels) . Besides it , it has anticancer properties which prevent breast cancer ,  colon cancer

    Fantastic Property of  detoxification which removes toxic materials and helps in purification of digestive system also burns fat and thus helps in weight loss. If a person consumes 4 – 5 cups of green tea in a day   metabolism gets activated .  One of the most important compound found in green tea is  Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)  is the most potent  catechin which protects the body from atherosclerosis , blood sugar levels , and other neurodegenerative disorders.   

    If you suffers from stress and anxiety then also you can have green tea as  L – theanine increases the  activity of inhibitory neurotransmitters GABA  (Gamma amino butyric Acid )  which has anti stress or anti anxiety properties .

  6. Green Leafy Vegetables:

    Cut Fat Using Green Leafy Vegetables

    Green Leafy Vegetables On Mission to Cut Fat

    Many of the children even adults make  funny  excuses on not to have GLV . But if  you come to know the nutrition facts of  it then you can’t ignore then health benefits of it . Green Leafy vegetables are a source of folic acid, Vitamin B Complex . Iron is present in sufficient amount in  green leafy vegetables which prevents anaemia , and  other health disorders. This is also a source of dietary fibre which helps in weight loss and also maintains blood glucose levels. This is a rich source of beta carotene which is a precursor  of Vit A and prevents skin and eyes from further proliferation. This is low in calorie and has disease protective action. Green leafy vegetables are a source of Vit  C  and helps in prevention from decaying of teeth and scurvy.

  7. Watermelon:

    Benefits of Watermelon to Cut Fat

    Yes! Red Watermelon does really right to health

    Most of us like watermelon due to its refreshing taste. This helps  in weight loss, as it contains much amount of water which keeps skin dehydrated and gives a feeling of satiety.

    Many of the clients visited me some of them were rigorous to follow diet , but this dedicated group was very few which I can count on my fingers but there was also another  group of people  I  mean a big crowd which include college going girls and boys  even men and women of 30 – 45 years who want to lose weight but in fast pace of life they not get enough time to spend on their diet .

    Another Interesting Case Study by me:

    • A 60-year-old lady lost 10 kg in 8 weeks; you will not believe but trust me she followed these 12 foods and attains ideal body weight without having an adverse effect on health, in fact she found the reduction in joint pain, glucose levels, and stress and leading a healthy life.

    Now the next superfood is nuts and oilseeds which is in use since time immemorial. Let’s gain some extra knowledge about it.

  8. Nuts And OilSeeds:

    Oilseeds as fat cutting agents, nuts to cut fats

    NutriHealthZone Way of Cutting Fat with Nuts and Oilseeds

    You might have seen your grannies chewing roasted chana with some almonds and nuts. But there is nutritional fact behind this as these are a rich source of fiber and contains essential fatty acids which keep the heart attacks, diabetes at bay by boosting brain and immune system.

  9. Apple:

    Easy way to lose weight by eating apples

    Apple Juicy as well as Fat Cutter

    One might wonder as how can Apple contribute to reducing weight! But I have my reasons which speak for your question: Apple is a source of zinc and dietary fiber and thus helps in weight loss and cancer. In a study, this has been investigated that regular consumption of this fruit lowers cholesterol levels and increases HDL levels.

  10. Apple Cider Vinegar:

    Consumption of Apple Cider Vinegar reduces weight

    Consumption of Apple Cider Vinegar reduces weight

    If you don’t want to make an extra effort on lemon water and coriander juice then you can go on a readymade stuff. Just take 1 tbsp of Apple cider vinegar and dilute it with one glass of plain water and see the desirable changes which will reduce your weight!

  11. Oats:

    Oats to reduce Weight Quickly

    Benefits of Consuming Oats in regular diet

    Oats is an excellent choice for everyone who wants to lose due to its distinct flavour.  This maintains blood glucose levels , lowers cholesterol , triglycerides  levels and helps in bowel movement as it is a source of fibre and beta – glucan a chemical compound found in it .

    This can be eaten in various form and it is a superchoice for breakfast meals.  It can be eaten as Upma , chila etc . And if you want to innovate the taste and  some extra flavour to it then you can add 2 tbsp gram flour to it to make delicious chila and can have with  green chutney.

  12. Flaxseeds:

    Easy way to cut fat

    Omega Fat Supplement FlaxSeeds to Cut Fat

    Flaxseeds is a functional foods and can be cosumed in a diverse ways. If you want to take the some different taste of it . You can just roast in a non stick pan and chew it as it has source of fibre and helps in regulating rectal functions . This cleanses the intestine as a brush and makes you feel lighter .You can also make it in grounded form and just have 1 tbsp of it.

  13. Chia Seeds:

    How to Cut Weight by eating chia seeds

    Weight reducing Tip by consumption of Chia Seeds

    Nowadays it has been found chia seeds has amazing benefits who wants to lose weight. You will be shocked by its nutritional properties. 28 g of chia seeds contains 11 g dietary fiber which is undigested and provides you a feeling of fullness. If you are unwilling to have these seeds alone, then you can sprinkle these seeds on salad.    

  14. Methi Water:

    Cut Fat Using Methi Water

    Role of Methi Water to Cut Fat

    Soak methi overnight and drink that remaining water it is superficial beneficial for who wants to maintain glucose levels by maintaining their weight. This helps in lowering LDL cholesterol by raising HDL and preventing heart attacks.

  15. Sprouts:

    Sprouts to Cut Fats now if consumed regularly!

    Eat Sprouts to Lose Weight Quickly

    Try to include it in your daily routine as it is the best source of protein and after germination Vit C and iron is enhanced and helps in increasing hemoglobin levels and hence combats anemia .

    This also keeps metabolic and digestive disorders prevented due to complex source of protein and high  fiber.

Above all mentioned foods if consumed on a regular basis helps in detoxification So, include these foods in your diet and get desirable weight without losing the glow of the skin . 

Stay Fit Stay Healthy! Keep Visiting, Thank You!

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