Shankar Guide to Using an Elliptical Machine

Lack of natural exercise is what the sedentary lifestyle can be blamed for. As a result, everyone goes to the gym these days.

Working out in the gym helps you get the much-needed movement for your body. Various machines in the gym help you lose that extra flab or get summer abs.

You may follow any workout regime, but cardio, weight training, and the elliptical machine should not be missed.

As much as it is necessary that you maintain your appearance, you should also concentrate on your overall fitness.

Layman’s Guide to Using an Elliptical Machine

Some Things About The Elliptical

The elliptical machine is very popular. And what makes it so is the fact that it is versatile and easy to use. People keep elliptical trainers in their homes and offices also.

This is a no impact cardio machine but very effective on weight loss. You can choose your level of intensity by moving slow or fast on the machine.

  • These machines were first introduced in 1995.
  • The mechanism has your feet moving in a smooth elliptical motion on the pedal, hence the name elliptical machine.
  • The company that first patented such a mechanism was Precor. These days the machines are self-powered.
  • Some companies also include electronic control systems in them, for which you will need power supply.

Using The Training Machine

A workout will not provide you with serious results if you take it casually. Every machine in the gym comes with its set of dos and don’ts.

Personal trainers at the gymnasiums are trained to help you help yourself. For some workouts, it is required that you take professional advice.

But then there are simple machines like the treadmill and elliptical that you can use at home with no problem whatsoever. If you are considering buying one for your home, here is a review guide for some of the best elliptical machines.

However, that does not mean you do not have to follow some guidelines. There are a few rules while using the elliptical for you to get a good workout and maximum output without getting hurt.

Plan Ahead

Each time you start a workout, you need to have a plan. Before hopping on the elliptical, take a minute to examine your body and stamina.

Always setting a goal helps prevent injuries. Laziness is also a factor while exercising. If you just hop on the elliptical without setting a goal, then you may not be able to achieve what you could have.

Use The Features Available

These days all the gym machines come with a calorie counter. Entering your information into the machine will let you read the number of calories that you have burnt. With this facility, you could even aim to burn a set amount of calories in an hour or so.

Use The Handles And Stay Upright

For the machine to have an effect on your whole body, you should always use both your hands and legs. Using the handles will help your body target many more muscles.

Experts advise that Layman’s Guide to Using an Elliptical Machine – eHealth Discoveriesthe arms provide stability to the whole movement and help in keeping the correct posture.

While moving on the elliptical machine, all of your body should be upright; starting from your neck to your hips. This is imperative to prevent backaches and muscular sprains. Slouching is the first factor of an improper workout.

Keep Updating Your Regime

Do not get comfortable with a particular regime. Mixing it up every few weeks will help you in the long run.

Challenge yourself little by little. You could increase the speed for a few weeks and then increase the resistance.

Go from low to high but don’t go back.

Overdoing Is Not Doing

Although one should always ‘feel the burn’ after a workout, some people tend to over-exhaust themselves in a plan to lose weight fast. Your body is only able to take so much strain. Aim for consistency instead of speed.

Casual Workouts Are A No-No

Some of you might find the routines boring. It is a common practice to watch television or talk on the phone while on the elliptical.

But ultimately, you need to ask yourself how important this is for you. Sparing a few hours in a week to concentrate on your health is crucial for people living a sedentary lifestyle.

A distraction while on the elliptical will only serve to make it inefficient.

Use The Internet

An elliptical machine is uncomplicated. But to get the maximum out of what you are doing, follow a planned workout routine.

There are articles available on the Internet that guide you to use the elliptical at its highest efficiency. Videos contributed by professional trainers will also assist you a lot if you do your workouts at home.

Download a good application to keep track of your workouts. Follow these few guidelines and you will be attaining your goals in no time at all.

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