Top Proven Strategies To Build Muscle Mass in 3 Weeks with One Day Diet Plan

Are you planning to Join GYM! That’s for sure that you will join it not only to reduce weight but also to gain Muscles. But Gym is not the only factor that decides the size of your muscles!

Feeling Perplexed what types of  foods should be included in your diet

This is not a rare problem  in fact this is a worldwide trouble , I have met many male clients who wants to join gym but there is a  turmoil what to consume which makes a strong impact on their body  and helps in the development of muscle mass. Today I am discussing Top 8 Supernatural foods which helps in muscle building .

First thing which I want to convey

Don’t focus only on protein foods as overload of protein can harm your kidneys and lack of energy can makes you lethargic.

When you are going to build muscles always remember that your diet should be balanced and it should include all food groups as your body is completely dependent on diet and every food have their own unique biological functions.

8 Super Natural Foods that will help to build better muscles in 3 weeks :

Super Natural Flow Chart for Health Diet

Super Natural Flow Chart for Health Diet

Let’s know  the nutrition facts about all one by one. The first food product which belongs to this category is Oatmeal which is a super nutrient pack which helps in the gaining of muscle mass.

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  1. Oatmeal :

    How to increase muscle mass with OatMeal

    Benefits of Oatmeal to Increase Muscle Mass

    Oatmeal is an excellent breakfast as it contains soluble fibre which maintains weight and provides satiety.  This is low in glycemic index and is a complex carbohydrate and delays in the absorption of glucose in the form of carbohydrate and makes you alert all the day.

  2. Eggs:

    Body building with Eggs

    Main Source of proteins for Body building

    Eggwhite is high biological source of protein and  contains protein casein. Eggs helps in muscle building and provides stamina to fight against infections. So , if you are also in a queue then consume eggs every day to meet your protein requirement.

    You can compare the protein content of these foods in  depicted pie chart . The highest protein content of protein is in Chicken (Breast Part), the next which comes in this category is fish and egg respectively. Hence we can conclude that non-veg items are highest source of protein. Let’s take a glance on other food products also.

    Body Building Diet Chart

    Amount of Proteins Per 100g of Food for Body Building

  3. Fish:

    Proteins as Body Building Food

    Fish Food for Body Building and Gaining Mass

    Fish can be included in your diet as it  contains high amount of protein and essential fatty acids like omega 3 –  fatty acids which prevents from cardiovascular problems and boosts brain. This also prevents degenerative disorders like Alzhiemer’s disorder.

  4. Chicken:

    easily build body mass with Chicken

    How Chicken Helps to Build Body mass

    Next I am going to discuss Chicken . This mouth watery food can help in building your muscles ,  if you are fond of eating chicken then surely include it . Consume Roasted chicken as it  contains less calorie and incomparable flavour.  This is a good source of protein but if you are grabing  particularly the breast part of chicken  then your body is loaded with sufficient amount of protein as 100g of it contains 36 g protein.


    One of my interesting case studies goes like this :Yesterday I met with Darsh a 7-year-old boy told me that he wants to build muscle  like Junior superhero chotta Bheem and he knows he have to consume ladoos. Then I said if you know everything then why you want my consultation .  He replied he consumes the ladoo but he has not superpower that Bheem has ,” I think I eat adulterated ladoos with confused expression”.

  5. Pulses and Legumes:

    easy build pulses and legumes for body building mass

    Pulses and Legumes for Body Building Mass

    If you are making faces after reading this then I must say  this is source of plant protein with plenty of vitamins and minerals and contains essential amino acids which is required for the growth and maintenance of tissues. You can consume it in form of dal by making liquid consistency of it. Or if you want alterations then make it sprouts as Vit  C and iron is enhanced in it and helps in formation of haemoglobin.

  6. Whey Protein:

    Easy Body building with whey proteins

    Body Mass Building with Whey Proteins

    Generally gym trainer advices their clients to consume protein supplements .So many supplements and substitutes are available in the market but before going to choose anyone kindly consult your nutritionist  . Whey protein is most important among these as it is discarded water of  paneer which is available in concentrated form . This improves stamina as during heavy workout there is lack of oxygen supply and feeling of fatigueness. This also prevents  wear and tear of  cells

  7. Nuts and OilSeeds:

    Oilseeds as fat cutting agents, nuts to cut fats

    NutriHealthZone Way of Cutting Fat with Nuts and Oilseeds

    Nuts and oilseeds is a source of essential fatty acids which prevents heart from shocks and jerks and also boosts your brain. This lowers cholesterol levels and a source of energy as during muscle build up there is a extra need of energy supply.

  8. Cottage Cheese:

    A tremendous source of protein  is cottage cheese  in which almost entire part is protein i.e casein . This is actually a perfect food for building muscle mass as this protein is slow digesting.

    This is a vital source of Vit B complex and calcium and other specific nutrients.

    Body Mass Building With Cottage Cheese

    Cottage Cheese for Body Mass Building


    I know that you are waiting for a sample diet plan ,  that’s why I have planned it only for you so go through it and build your muscles like your favourite superhero and impress your friends with your strong and magnetic musculature.

One Day Diet Plan for Better Health Diet Free :


  • 1 cup of oatmeal
  • 4 Eggs White
  • 1 glass Skimmed Milk
  • 1 Apple


  • 1 Handful nuts
  • 1 glass lemon Water


  • 2 Chappati
  • 4 pcs Chicken breast / Dal ( mixed with Soyabean)  (1 bowl)
  • Curd (1 bowl) or Cucumber Raita
  • Salad (1 quarter Plate)


  • 25 g of whey protein shake
  • 1 Banana


  • 25 g of whey protein shake
  • 1 Banana


  • 8 ounces of lean steak
  • 2 Chappati or 1 ladle rice + Green Veg (1 Bowl)
  • Salad ( 1 quarter Plate)


  • 25 g of whey protein shake

‘Build Muscle Not Trouble’

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